Shaw TV

The Media Nerds on Shaw TV (S1E11)

Dan & Kenton talk about a new radio/music app and the Rick & Morty Season 3 premiere. They then review Sunday’s Weezer concert.

The Media Nerds on Shaw TV (S1E10)

It’s a Nerds podcast mashup! Dan & Kenton combine the format of Media Nerds with the content of Star Wars Nerds as they discuss the penultimate episode of Star Wars Rebels. 

The Media Nerds on Shaw TV (S1E9)

Lots of awesome Nerd News this week, including the Baby Driver trailer, Matrix reboot and Facebook’s “Messenger Day.” The Nerds get worked up about SkipTheDishes’ job interview process and are advertisements on smartphone games appropriate for kids?

The Star Wars Nerds on Shaw TV (S1E8)

It’s the first ever televised Star Wars Nerds! Dan & Kenton talk all kinds of Star Wars news this week, including the new Thrawn book, Rebels and a possible Oscar nom for Luke Skywalker?

The Media Nerds on Shaw TV Episode 2

Here is our 2nd episode to air on Shaw TV, originally recorded January 6th, 2017.

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