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The Media Nerds on Shaw TV

It’s the time of year when all the TV advertising gets a bit better because brands have blown a ton of money on Super Bowl ads and they’re trying to get their money’s worth. We break down our favourite and not-so-favourite of this year’s crop.

The Media Nerds on Shaw TV (S2E9)

Dan and Kenton talk about the 2018 Oscars Nominations and their initial impressions. Also on the show Dundee: The Son of a Legend trailer and Mark E Smith passing.

The Media Nerds on Shaw TV (S2E8)

Dan & Kenton review how their podcasts are doing, and come up with some new marketing tactics going forward.

The Media Nerds on Shaw TV (S2E7)

Dan & Kenton discuss the media that they plan to consume over the holiday break, from music to TV to film and more!

The Media Nerds on Shaw TV (S2E6)

Is Canadian journalism in it’s final death throes? The Nerds discuss the recent “newspaper swap” between Canadian news corporations Postmedia and Torstar, resulting in the closure of most of them. Why can’t print media figure this out?

The Media Nerds on Shaw TV (S2E5)

Dan & Kenton talk about Facebook’s recent woes concerning its (alleged) role in the 2016 Russian U.S. election hack. How can Zuckerberg & crew ensure this doesn’t happen again?

The Star Wars Nerds on Shaw TV (S2E4)

Kenton & Dan talk about the “directing the Last Jedi” featurette released by Lucasfilm, possible (but not really) spoilers revealed by both the film’s international poster AND Adam Driver, and Kenton can’t wait to get his hands on the Black Series Porg figure.

The Media Nerds on Shaw TV (S2E3)

Dan shows off his new iPhone and talks about why he wasn’t able to post on Instagram or Snapchat with his crappy Android. This leads into the Nerds’ annual “state of social media” discussion. In recommendations, Kenton drinks the La La Kool-Aid.

The Media Nerds on Shaw TV (S2E2)

Kenton & Dan talk TV and the Emmys, recounting the previous night’s winners, losers and surprises. They then take a look at the upcoming new crop of TV and discuss which shows they are looking forward to.

The Media Nerds on Shaw TV (S2E1)

Yeah, yeah, we know that J.J. has already been named director of Episode IX. We recorded this episode the day before that story broke, and we don’t have time to record another one. So please, travel back with us to a more innocent time, when we ask the question: what the hell is going on over at Lucasfilm?