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Oprah for President!

Dan & Kenton talk about last week’s Golden Globes and Oprah’s inspiring speech. Plus, Kenton’s halfway through Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” and shares his thoughts on it so far.

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Newspaper Swap Meet

Is Canadian journalism in it’s final death throes? The Nerds discuss the recent “newspaper swap” between Canadian news corporations Postmedia and Torstar, resulting in the closure of most of them. Why can’t print media figure this out?

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Fixing Facebook

Dan & Kenton talk about Facebook’s recent woes concerning its (alleged) role in the 2016 Russian U.S. election hack. How can Zuckerberg & crew ensure this doesn’t happen again?

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News Overload!

Dan & Kenton drill down into news overload: why they feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of news stories being published on the internet and other media. In recommendations, a couple of summer movies that were good, but not great.

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Goodbye Hollywood “Magic”

More than 30 actresses (as of this posting) have come forward with stories about movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulting them. Dan & Kenton talk about this scandal being indicative of a huge problem in Hollywood, and about how things need to change. NOW. Hollywood is broken, and someone (i.e. the moviegoing audience) needs to fix it.

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Getting Social With the Nerds

Dan shows off his new iPhone and talks about why he wasn’t able to post on Instagram or Snapchat with his shitty Android. This leads into the Nerds’ annual “state of social media” discussion. In recommendations, Kenton drinks the La La Kool-Aid.

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Spicing Up the Emmys

Kenton & Dan talk TV and the Emmys, recounting the previous night’s winners, losers and surprises. They then take a look at the upcoming new crop of TV and discuss which shows they are looking forward to.

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