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Losing Leia

Kenton & Dan brainstorm how to write General Leia Organa out of the Star Wars franchise while still being respectful to the character and Carrie Fisher. Oh, and Unkar Plutt gets dis-armed. ;-P
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Welcome, Woody!

The Nerds talk about the casting of Woody Harrelson in the Han Solo standalone film, some easter eggs in Rogue One, the return of Rebels and Rian Johnson talks Episode VIII.

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Rogue One, Take Two

Dan & Kenton welcome fellow Star Wars Nerd Kelly Stifora in to the podcast to offer a fresh take on Rogue One. We swear, it’ll be the last time we talk about this film (no it won’t.)


The Nerds Watch Revenge Of The Sith

Dan & Kenton finish up the prequel trilogy with the surprisingly good Revenge of the Sith. If George Lucas had started the prequels with this film, no one would have had any issues with them.

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The Nerds Watch Attack Of The Clones

In preparation for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Dan & Kenton continue to watch the prequels that take place before.This week, it’s the worst of the Star Wars films (in Dan’s opinion) Episode II: Attack Of The Clones. They hate this one almost as much as they hate sand.
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The Nerds Watch The Phantom Menace

Dan & Kenton force themselves to re-watch Episode I: The Phantom Menace in preparation for Rogue One. Not that this shitty prequel has anything to do with Rogue One. In the end they find that there are some redeeming qualities to what many fans consider the worst Star Wars film.
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Dave Wheeler Loves Star Wars!

Dan & Kenton sit down with TV & radio morning show host Dave Wheeler to talk about his Star Wars fandom and how he expresses it (tattoos are involved). They also discuss his hopes & fears for Rogue One and what he wants for the future of the franchise.

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