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Battlefront Blow-up

We get to the news that broke less than an hour after last week’s podcast recording: RIAN JOHNSON IS DIRECTING THE NEXT STAR WARS TRILOGY! Needless to say we’re pretty excited. Also, Dan rants about the Battlefront II controversy even though he does not have the means to play it. Kenton is prepared to play the long game on this one: wait six months and it’ll all be sorted out (and free!)

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What Did Luke Do?

Kenton & Dan welcome comic creator Nicholas Burns to the podcast to talk about seeing Star Wars for the first time in a Minneapolis theatre in May 1977. They also discuss Luke’s possible backstory for the 30-year gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

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International Star Wars Spoiler Day

Kenton & Dan talk about the “directing the Last Jedi” featurette released by Lucasfilm, possible (but not really) spoilers revealed by both the film’s international poster AND Adam Driver, and Kenton can’t wait to get his hands on the Black Series Porg figure.

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Solo? So What?

Kenton & Dan talk about the newly-revealed title for the Han Solo standalone film. They also re-visit last week’s Last Jedi trailer and preview the fourth and final season of Rebels.

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The Force of Nostalgia

How much of your Star Wars fandom is driven by nostalgia? Kenton & Dan attempt to answer this question after a bit of a “theatre-going experience” tangent. Then, they continue to develop their as-yet-untitled standalone Star Wars film.

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We’re Okay With J.J.

Dan invites Canadian Prime Minister and Star Wars fan Justin Trudeau to guest on the podcast next time he’s in town. Then, the nerds weigh in on the J.J. debate and Kenton gives us an update on his never-ending Star Wars toy hunt.

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Here Today, Gone Trevorrow

Yeah, yeah, we know that J.J. has already been named director of Episode IX. We recorded this episode the day before that story broke, and we don’t have time to record another one. So please, travel back with us to a more innocent time, when we ask the question: what the hell is going on over at Lucasfilm?

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