Star Wars

The Podcast George Lucas Doesn’t Want You To Hear!

Lots of Star Wars news this week! Someone restored an original 1977 print of the film, but it’s not as big a deal as they think. Peter Mayhew is about to announce something big. Fans continue to debate the identity of Snoke and the filming of episode 8 is officially underway!
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The Truth Is Out There (Or in George Lucas’ brain!)

Dan gets a Twitter smack down from Phil Lamar, Kenton draws parallels between the X-Files and Star Wars, and the speculation begins about the delayed release of Episode VIII.

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The Three Rs: Reading, Rebels & Rogue One

Kenton reviews Alan Dean Foster’s novelization of The Force Awakens, Dan is excited about the upcoming 2nd half of Rebels season 2, and the Rogue One discussion begins. How will Lucasfilm differentiate the “anthology” films from the main episodes?

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Remembering the Starman

The Nerds take a few minutes to remember David Bowie, who contributed so much to the world of sci-fi through his music and who sadly passed away this week.

As well: what can we expect from Rogue One? What do we want to happen in Episode 8? And Colin Trevorrow or George Lucas, which is the lesser of two evils for Episode 9?

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The Force Awakens Panel, Part 2

Dan and Kenton host their Star Wars nerd co-workers in a another panel discussion about The Force Awakens. So much to talk about! Needless to say, spoilers ensue.

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The Nerds Watch The Force Awakens! (SPOILERS)

Star Wars Nerd extraordinaire Chris Schiffmann returns to the podcast with Wookie Cookies, and Red River College CGI instructor Matt Broeska rounds out the First Night Panel, discussing all aspects of seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night. Spoilers ensue.
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The Nerds Watch Return of the Jedi, Part 2

It’s finally here! The Force Awakens comes out this weekend! And in preparation for this magnificent film, Kenton & Dan conclude its “prequel” Return of the Jedi and discuss what they are most looking forward to/dreading in the new film.
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