Better Call New Walking Dead Writers!

Dan vents about the frustrating mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead, gushes over the season premiere of Better Call Saul and is fairly neutral about Vinyl. Kenton’s just glad he jumped off the Walking Dead ship when he did.
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PuppyMonkeyBaby – Best & Worst 2016 Super Bowl Ads

Kenton & Dan run down this year’s crop of “Big Game” advertisements from the brands that paid millions of dollars to produce very “safe” commercials during the Superbowl.

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And The Oscar For Best Bear Goes To…

Dan & Kenton take a few moments to pay their respects to the late Alan Rickman, then run down the list of Oscar Noms (giving their completely uneducated guesses on who will win.) They pledge to watch all of the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars, so we’ll see how successful they are with that.

And, recommendations are back. Yay.

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Best & Worst Media of 2015

Kenton & Dan finally get off of Star Wars long enough to review the best and worst films, TV shows, streaming shows, podcasts and music of 2015. Happy New Year!
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Dead & Bloated (RIP Scott Weiland)

Kenton & Dan talk about the loss of Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, and the death of the Winnipeg Folk Fest music store. Songza also died this week, but no one really cared about that one.
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2015 Cannes Lions: Ads or Viral Videos?

Dan & Kenton take their students to a pre-screening of the 2015 Cannes Lions, the best of the best advertisements in the world. But are these really ads? Or are brands just trying to create the next viral video?

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Here are some of the winners featured in this episode:

Another Nail in Radio’s Coffin

Dan & Kenton dump on radio again after a massive round of layoffs at Bell Media. Is is time for Old Media to completely re-think the way they do things? Yes. Yes it is.

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Tales From the Con


Kenton interviews Andy Secombe, the voice of Watto himself at the Central Canada Comic Con.

Dan & Kenton speak of their adventures at C4: the Central Canada Comic Con. From Kenton’s addiction to Star Wars toys to Dan mistaking James Masters’ bodyguard for James Masters, it’s a fun romp through nerddom.

P.S. Dan screwed up the recording, which is why it sounds like shit. Next week will be better…

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Dan Goes To The Dark Side – Android!

Yes, it’s true. After years of drinking the Apple Kool-Aid, Dan has given in to his hate. Plus, Kenton rants about Elite Fitness and the nerds talk Walking Dead.
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The Joys of Election Advertising

Dan & Kenton discuss the good, bad, and extremely ugly aspects of political advertising. Do these awful attack ads actually influence who we vote for?

Regardless, this Monday is Election Day in Canada, be sure to GO OUT AND VOTE!

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