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Tales From the Con


Kenton interviews Andy Secombe, the voice of Watto himself at the Central Canada Comic Con.

Dan & Kenton speak of their adventures at C4: the Central Canada Comic Con. From Kenton’s addiction to Star Wars toys to Dan mistaking James Masters’ bodyguard for James Masters, it’s a fun romp through nerddom.

P.S. Dan screwed up the recording, which is why it sounds like shit. Next week will be better…

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The Nerds Do Comic Con!

We will once again be podcasting live from the Central Canada Comic Con, October 30th – November 1st at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg. As the Manitoba Podcast Network will not have a table at C4 this year, the Nerds will be podcasting “guerrilla style,” setting up and recording wherever we damn well see fit, or are (ahem) allowed.

Check out pics from last year’s C4 here.

We’ve got some awesome guests lined up, including Lucasfilm’s Star Wars continuity/canon guru Pablo Hidalgo, award-winning artist and graphic novelist Nicholas Burns, and author of the Thunder Road Trilogy Chadwick Ginther.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates on guests and locations.

And yes, we promise a better cosplay effort this year.

See you at the Con!



Kenton & Dan attempt a “poor man’s cosplay” as Hoodie Chewbacca and Evil Luke Skywalker With Toy Lightsaber at last year’s C4. The elf in the middle can’t believe the apathy of these guys!