The Legend of Darth Prefectus

Rapper Ambush Vin joins Kenton & Dan via Skype to talk about his alter ego Darth Prefectus and the world he is creating within the Star Wars universe.

The Nerds also discuss the new Solo Black Series figures and a potential Solo spoiler about the Millenium Falcon.

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Best & Worst Super Bowl Ads 2018

It’s the time of year when all the TV advertising gets a bit better because brands have blown a ton of money on Super Bowl ads and they’re trying to get their money’s worth. We break down our favourite and not-so-favourite of this year’s crop.


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Steele Saunders Hates Skype! (and Sand)

In our 100th Star Wars Nerds episode, we speak with Australian comedian Steele Saunders about his career as a Star Wars podcaster.

Among many other things, Steele discusses his ongoing fight against the dark side of fandom on Twitter, how he coined a Star Wars phrase about Snoke, and his awesome idea to help Lucasfilm tighten up the new Star Wars movies.

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This episode is brought to you by FanQuest, pleased to welcome Lucasfilm Creative Executive Pablo Hidalgo to Winnipeg June 23 & 24. Come to FanQuest and talk Star Wars with Pablo! Tickets and info at

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Solo: A Star Wars Story was partially teased during the Super Bowl and fully teased during Good Morning America. Dan & Kenton give their initial reactions to this long-awaited first look at a somewhat troubled Star Wars film.


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Oscar Nom Noms

The Oscar Nominations are out, and Dan & Kenton weigh in on the nominees without having seen many of them. They do however pledge to see them all before Oscar night.


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Bringing Up Battlefront

Kelly Stifora joins the Nerds to review Star Wars: Battlefront II and talk about what keeps him coming back to it night after night.

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So Long, Solo.

Kenton & Dan discuss the clickbait-y headlines claiming that Disney thinks Solo will be a complete failure. Plus, Lego leaks reveal some new details from the movie and there’s even more Last Jedi fighting online.

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Movie Memories

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The Media Nerds on Shaw TV Episode 4

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The Media Nerds on Shaw TV Episode 3

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