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Dave Wheeler Loves Star Wars!

Dan & Kenton sit down with TV & radio morning show host Dave Wheeler to talk about his Star Wars fandom and how he expresses it (tattoos are involved). They also discuss his hopes & fears for Rogue One and what he wants for the future of the franchise.

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Begun The Marketing Blitz Has

Lots to talk about this week: a new Rogue One “featurette” that explains what the film is in relation to the original trilogy. An old news story becomes new again. We’re up to seven different Rogue One TV spots, and did David Prowse deserve to be the face of Darth Vader as well as the body?
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Here’s the new featurette:


And the 7th TV spot:

International Star Wars Trailer Day

Dan & Kenton react to last week’s second international trailer, wonder when the hell tickets for Rogue One will go on sale, and speculate about a possible Star Wars E.V.A. (gotta listen to find out what it is!)
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Here is the new International trailer:

Lando’s Life Debt

After a brief discussion on millennials, Dan & Kenton talk about the official casting of Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian in the 2018 Han Solo movie. Also, Dan reviews the audio version of Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath:Life Debt and Kenton is chomping at the bit to buy his Rogue One tickets.
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Walking Dead’s Zombie Chris Loves Star Wars!

Chris Harrelson of The Walking Dead and Heroes on Hand fame joins the Nerds to talk about his favourite Star Wars films and the upcoming season of TWD. (Spoiler alert: he can’t spoil much.)
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Check out Chris’ talent booking agency Heroes On Hand, they may have just the hero for you!

And be sure to connect with Chris on Facebook and Twitter. He is a blast to follow and live tweets every episode of The Walking Dead!


I Fought The Rogue and the Rogue Won.

The Nerds continue their discussion about the new Rogue One trailer, including some listener feedback in the new “Force Tweets” segment. They also list other films that required massive reshoots but still turned out awesome, and they freak out a bit over the trailer/short film for the upcoming Old Republic video game.
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Rogue Friday

Kenton tells his harrowing and suspenseful tale of being one of the first in line for the new Rogue One toys (even getting some a little early!) Is the Star Wars toy release day as big of a deal as it once was? Plus, Dan has troubles recording Rebels…again.
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The Risk of Rogue One

Dan & Kenton discuss the change in music composers for Rogue One, and what that could mean for the film. Can music make or break a film? Plus, Season 3 of Star Wars: Rebels starts this weekend and next week is Force Friday!
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