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Star Wars Nerds

All About Maul

It’s a Nerds podcast mashup! Dan & Kenton combine the format of Media Nerds with the content of Star Wars Nerds as they discuss the penultimate episode of Star Wars Rebels Season 3.

Show Notes:

01:45 – Nerd News

1. Disney sued over Zootopia

2. Apple’s quiet announcement

3. Chris Evans is done as Captain America


22:35 – Star Wars Rebels discussion


43:00 – Recommendations 




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Yoda Yammer

Dan & Kenton talk about the possibility of a Yoda appearance in The Last Jedi. Then Kenton runs through his possible list of Rey’s responses to Luke’s first lines followed by the now weekly Rebels recap segment.
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Luke’s First Line

Dan falls for a fake The Last Jedi trailer while Kenton compiles a list of possible first lines from Episode VIII, unaware that the actual first line from the movie would apparently leak later in the week.

The Nerds discus whether they’d ever not see a Star Wars film in the theatre and Dan gives his weekly Rebels recap.
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Dan’s Snoke Theory Sucks

Dan & Kenton are excited about the Blu-ray/DVD release date of Rogue One, wonder about the possible title of the Han Solo film, and discuss Star Wars casual fans vs. fanaticism: how seriously should we really be taking these movies?
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A Tale of Two Landos

Dan plans his next vacation to the U.S. when Star Wars Land opens in 2019, then completely forgets that Space Balls was a thing. Dur! Finally Kenton brings up the significance of Donald Glover meeting with Billy Dee Williams to absorb the essence of Lando.
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