Star Wars Nerds

Early Episode 9 Predictions

Dan relates his experience of seeing The Last Jedi for the third time, in D-BOX seats no less. Kenton compiles a list of early predictions about what’s to come in the next Saga film, based on what we saw in Episode 8.

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After The Last Jedi

Kenton & Dan have seen The Last Jedi, twice! They welcome regular contributor Chris Schiffmann back to the podcast to discuss all things Luke, Leia,Rey, Poe, Finn, Rose, Kylo, Hux and Snoke. And Porgs. They definitely talk about Porgs.

This episode is very spoiler-heavy, so if you haven’t seen The Last Jedi yet, stay away until you do! It’s okay, we’ll wait.

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Last Jedi Speculation

Kenton & Dan make their final predictions of key plot points in The Last Jedi. No spoilers here, these are pure imagination!

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Desperately Searching for Snoke

Dan & Kenton get themselves psyched up about the imminent release of The Last Jedi while speculating on some possible plot points. Kenton also relates his struggles in finding a 6″ Black Series Snoke figure.

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Battlefront Blow-up

We get to the news that broke less than an hour after last week’s podcast recording: RIAN JOHNSON IS DIRECTING THE NEXT STAR WARS TRILOGY! Needless to say we’re pretty excited. Also, Dan rants about the Battlefront II controversy even though he does not have the means to play it. Kenton is prepared to play the long game on this one: wait six months and it’ll all be sorted out (and free!)

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What Did Luke Do?

Kenton & Dan welcome comic creator Nicholas Burns to the podcast to talk about seeing Star Wars for the first time in a Minneapolis theatre in May 1977. They also discuss Luke’s possible backstory for the 30-year gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

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The Falcon and the Jedi

Kenton & Dan react to the new 45 second Last Jedi TV spot, entitled “Awake.” The spot certainly woke the Nerds up, rekindling their excitement for the film’s December 15th release.

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International Star Wars Spoiler Day

Kenton & Dan talk about the “directing the Last Jedi” featurette released by Lucasfilm, possible (but not really) spoilers revealed by both the film’s international poster AND Adam Driver, and Kenton can’t wait to get his hands on the Black Series Porg figure.

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Solo? So What?

Kenton & Dan talk about the newly-revealed title for the Han Solo standalone film. They also re-visit last week’s Last Jedi trailer and preview the fourth and final season of Rebels.

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