Star Wars Nerds


Dan & Kenton bask in the glory of the final SW:TFA trailer. Behold! They also re-live the chaos of Monday night: Canadian election, ESPN Football, class prep, buying Star Wars tickets, it was a crazy time !


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Thankful for Star Wars: Battlefront

Dan & Kenton work of their Canadian Thanksgiving turkey by discussing the upcoming Central Canada Comic Con and all the Star Wars awesomeness that will be there. They also celebrate the non-disneyfication of Star Wars: Force Awakens and the glory of the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta.

Show Notes:

02:30 – Star Wars at C4 Comic Con

07:30 – J.J. has final cut!

14:20 – Star Wars: Battlefront Beta

23:50 – When will the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer drop?

27:00 – Shitty Star Wars rumors

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Ackbar With Attitude

Dan & Kenton talk about Tim (Admiral Ackbar) Rose’s recent comments regarding the secrecy surrounding the plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a film that he apparently makes an appearance in.

The podcast then takes a sharp turn into the Age of Ultron (hey, it’s all Disney!) and Dan tells a heartwarming tale about a recent experience with Marvel Comics.

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

04:40 – It’s a trap!

20:00 – Kenton finally saw Avengers: Age of Ultron

28:00 – Dan’s Marvel story

31:15 – Star Wars Toy Update with Kenton Larsen

42:00 – Shitty Star Wars Rumors

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The Aftermath of Ridiculous Star Wars Rumours

Dan & Kenton dispel the completely unbelievable rumors being spread about The Force Awakens. There are no genuine spoilers for this film out there, despite what the clickbait websites would have you believe. The Nerds then review Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath, the first canonical post-Jedi novel. They’ll save you time and money – don’t buy it!

Podcast Notes:

00:00 – Intro & new website!

03:00 – Shitty Star Wars rumours, how they get started and why they’re ridiculous

23:00 – The aftermath of Aftermath

41:00 – Star Wars merch & toys update

47:30 – Quick discussion about the Star Wars Rebels animated series

49:45 – Wrap up

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Star Wars Cereal!

Kenton & Dan welcome Star Wars super-fan Chris Schiffmann (@Cshifty) to the second episode of Star Wars Nerds. Chris shares his Star Wars “origin” story, his disdain of Jar Jar, and some delicious sugary Star Wars cereal!
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by talking about all the awesome Star Wars toys they bought for themselves (yes, two grown men bought toys, that’s how we roll). They also discuss this new podcast and what they hope to achieve with it!
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We Are The Knights Who Say Ren!

The Nerds are back in studio this week to finally talk about Ant-Man, a possible Media Nerds music club, more layoffs at Corus Radio, and all the nerd-gasmic Star Wars news that came out this week. Only four months to go!
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