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Dan Goes To The Dark Side – Android!

Yes, it’s true. After years of drinking the Apple Kool-Aid, Dan has given in to his hate. Plus, Kenton rants about Elite Fitness and the nerds talk Walking Dead.
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The Joys of Election Advertising

Dan & Kenton discuss the good, bad, and extremely ugly aspects of political advertising. Do these awful attack ads actually influence who we vote for?

Regardless, this Monday is Election Day in Canada, be sure to GO OUT AND VOTE!

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The Media Nerds Second Screen Experience

Dan makes an announcement regarding the upcoming Central Canada Comic Con, then the Nerds tear into Facebook for trying to hijack their second screen.

00:00 – Intro

01:30 – Dan’s announcement

06:45 – Nerd News: Bill & Ted 3 and Jimmy “What’s up with that?” Iovine

16:10 – Facebook’s new second screen tools for broadcasters

37:05 – New & returning TV shows

42:00 – Media recommendations

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Adblocking Amateur Hour Featuring Robert Patrick

Dan & Kenton talk advertising this week, given Apple’s recent introduction of Adblocking technology to iOS. The conversation ranges from high-end Ford television spots to intrusive, cookie-tracking online banner ads. And Robert Patrick comes up more than a few times.

Podcast Notes:

00:00 Intro – happy podcasting week!

04:42 Nerd News – X-files trailer, the Terminator Dies, and Amazon bans Apple TV

15:30 Jaguar – For men who want hand jobs from women they hardly know

21:00 Online Ads – Are we obligated to view them in order to support the content?

34:00 Facebook legal disclaimer posts – why do people think this will work?

41:00 Lotion-imbued Kleenex – It’s like God kissing you

55:20 Media recommendations for the week

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Television: The Drug of a Nation

Dan & Kenton gear up for the new TV season by running down their fave and not-so-fave new and returning shows. Then, the Nerds make their Emmy picks. Spoiler alert: Kenton predicts a disastrous hosting job by Andy Samberg.
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The Apple Colbert Report

The Media Nerds began this week excited about Stephen Colbert’s return to television, but was the excitement warranted? And finally, Apple delivers the set-top box Kenton & Dan have been talking about for years.
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#CreCommAdvice (Back To School!)

Dan & Kenton jump on board the popular hashtag and give their returning students a bit of advice on how they can be successful in the Creative Communications program.  Plus, some minor changes are on the way to this podcast and the Nerds are gearing up to launch an all-new podcast in a galaxy far, far away….
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We Are The Knights Who Say Ren!

The Nerds are back in studio this week to finally talk about Ant-Man, a possible Media Nerds music club, more layoffs at Corus Radio, and all the nerd-gasmic Star Wars news that came out this week. Only four months to go!
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Our Moment of Zen (Episode 100!)

Dan & Kenton completely forget (while recording) that this is the one hundredth episode of this podcast! Holy shit! They do remember to talk about the Deadpool trailer, the failure of Fantastic Four, and (of course) Jon Stewart’s final episode of the Daily Show.
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