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Nerds on TV (Westworld recap)

Dan & Kenton deal with cameras in the studio for that first time as the Nerds are coming to Shaw TV! Plus, reactions to the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer and a breakdown of the amazing first season of HBO’s Westworld.

#PodernFamily promos in this episode are for the Grawlix Podcast and 365 Flicks! Be sure to check them out along with all the other awesome Podern Family shows.

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Top 10 Christmas Films

Just in time for your holiday movie-watching season, the Nerds welcome Paul from The Countdown Podcast to count down their favourite Christmas Films. Warning: there are some pretty out-of-left-field picks here.

Check out The Countdown TV & Movie Reviews Podcast on Podomatic or iTunes. Every week, Wayne & Paul count down their favourite movies & TV shows in order of awesomeness. You can also like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. If you love movies, you’ll love this podcast.

#PodernFamily promos in this episode are for The Master Debaters and the Little Geek Lost podcasts.
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State of Advertising 2016

As Dan & Kenton wrap up a semester of teaching advertising to first year college students, they reflect on how the industry has changed over the past year. Spoiler alert: there are more geese on bus benches for some reason.
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Trumpocalypse Now

The Nerds are in complete shock after Donald Trump’s upset win of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. They were so confident Hillary would win! What does this all mean for Americans, Canadians, and the world? They’re not sure, but the next four years are not going to be pretty.
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Election Day is Finally Here!

Dan & Kenton reflect on the last 18 months of U.S, election shenaniganery, analyze the media’s role in the whole thing, and offer up a prediction on the outcome of #Election2016. Trump or Hillary? You’ve got to listen to find out!
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Twitter’s in Trouble!

Dan & Kenton congratulate each other on reaching 200 posted podcast episodes over the last 3+ years. They also talk about Twitter’s recent struggles and why the social media platform will never overtake Facebook.

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How Far Can The Walking Dead Go?

On the Nerds’ 150th episode, Dan & Kenton talk about the controversial S7 premiere of The Walking Dead. Has the show gone too far? Can it go much further? Also, the death of Pete Burns and a few new film trailers in the Nerd News.

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