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Ed Sheeran Deserves an Emmy!

Dan & Kenton welcome Chris Schiffmann back to the podcast to talk Emmy nominations, summer movies and the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere. Winter is here!

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The End of Newspapers and Peter Mansbridge

Dan & Kenton discuss the career and retirement of Canada’s most beloved national news anchor, then move on to the topic of the “Great Newspaper Bailout.”

For reference, listen to the Canadaland podcast featuring Winnipeg Free Press publisher Bob Cox:

And the recent House of Commons report & recommendations on how government can help Canadian Journalism:

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No Time for Gaming, Dr. Jones (E3 2017)

Dan and Kenton use this week’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) as an opportunity to talk about the current state of gaming. Is it tile for the Nerds to upgrade their video game consoles?

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Local News Gets You Local Work

Dan & Kenton celebrate #ComeyDay by talking about something completely unrelated to the former FBI Director: local media. With another round of layoffs razing the Corus creative and production departments, and new TV newscasts coming from CTV and CityTV, the Winnipeg media scene is a ch-ch-changin’…

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Weird Television is Weird

Kenton & Dan talk weird TV, namely Twin Peaks: The Return and The Leftovers. They’d give a spoiler warning, but they really don’t know what’s going on anyway.
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FanQuest Preview

Kenton & Dan spend more time than usual discussing the Nerd News (Jesus and Mary Chain, Late Night TV, Twin Peaks) as it’s been a while since the last Media Nerds podcast. But then they get into a discussion of all things FanQuest!

For more information on FanQuest, go to:


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Spring 2017 TV Roundup

The Nerds discuss their favourite TV shows of the year (so far), from old network favourite Survivor to the MST3K reboot.
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Weezer in Winnipeg

Dan & Kenton talk about a new radio/music app and the Rick & Morty Season 3 premiere. They then review Sunday’s Weezer concert.
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All About Maul

It’s a Nerds podcast mashup! Dan & Kenton combine the format of Media Nerds with the content of Star Wars Nerds as they discuss the penultimate episode of Star Wars Rebels Season 3.

Show Notes:

01:45 – Nerd News

1. Disney sued over Zootopia

2. Apple’s quiet announcement

3. Chris Evans is done as Captain America


22:35 – Star Wars Rebels discussion


43:00 – Recommendations 




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Skip The Ads & The Dishes

Lots of awesome Nerd News this week, including the Baby Driver trailer, Matrix reboot and Facebook Messenger Day. The Nerds get worked up about SkipTheDishes’ job interview process and are advertisements on smartphone games appropriate for kids?

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In case you missed it, here’s the Baby Driver trailer: